At the Hotel Agorà:

Luggage Storage Termini Rome

Via Marsala 80 Roma

Welcome to Luggage
Storage Termini Rome

While exploring and enjoying the beauty of ROME, Hotel Agorà -Luggage Storage gives you the peace of mind knowing that your belongings will be safe and secure.

We have friendly and accommodating staff that will take care of your belongings, we offer a very reasonable price and 100% reliable.

Luggage Storage Termini Rome

You can deposit your luggage for one or more days at a price of € 5 to baggage to day. You can take your baggage also during the night hours. Your luggage will be kept 24 hours by reliable and attentive staff. Luggage is kept at a price of € 5 for each size and weight.
The second day of deposit will start at the end of midnight on the day of the baggage issue.

Without reservation

You can deposit your luggage without reservation and at any time you will only pay 5 € to baggage to day. You can pay when arrive to Hotel.
Hotel Agorà
Via Marsala 80
00185 Rome


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